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Showreel 2019

Volley Campaign 

Self tape from a scene from HBO's GIRLS

Short commercial for Bendigo Bank

Monologue from 'La La Land' 

Just a little demo clip, Tutting and Voguing to Zebra Katz's 'Tear the House Up' 

Super proud of this music video I did with 'All The Colours' and Zach McSweeney! Check it out here. 

This music video is a slow build, but persevere till the end. Its a pretty gut wrenching song written by upcoming artist Jakson and directed by Luke McCarthy

A movement piece created for "Live from your living room"- a lockdown cabaret

A short collaborative dance film directed by Conor O'Brien

Cynation Music Video

Music Video for Fulton Street

Purple excerpt - Dir. Jess Li 

A little video created for the Casting Guild of Australia​. I LOVE this scene, its beyond ridiculous.

Terry White 2017 commercial - Alive and Well 

Outcasting - The Film. Here's a little trailer of whats to come. 

 A second development following on from the Tactility video on the left. We've shaped our ideas a little further and some exciting stuff is in the works! We're hoping to get a gallery space to exhibit this physical exploration of textures and substances, and gradually turn it into a multi sensory interactive piece. 


Smashed out a one minute concept clip for an upcoming collborative project today. Armed with nothing but a vague idea we built something a little like this within 4 hours. 

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