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Since the half baked 'renewal' of our arts community in Victoria, (Post 'the year that must not be named'), I've been keeping fairly busy!

Lockdown 4.0 may have brought upon the cancellation of several exciting gigs, but here's a little recap from January through to June of some highlights: 

Ring! Ring! - by Virtual Waiting Room (Theatreworks)

A wild 60's 'WhoDunnnit' psychedelic romp,  directed by Ellen Wiltshire, written by Ebony Rattle.  I played the role of "Celebrity". Once a celebrated artiste; now a little past their prime, the public has forgotten their name and their idea of hell is not being remembered. This piece called upon a lot of physical sequences, diverse movement language, and even a pas de deux, which my co-performer Kaya Byrne and I choreographed. 

POME (Palace of Magical Experiences)- SLEEZE -

Developed a new act for one of my favourite producers and close friends Miss Jane Doe.  There's not much that needs to be said for this one as the title 'Work this Pussy' pretty much sells itself. This act was also performed at Bettie Bomshell's cult favourite CHURCH and People of Cabaret's 'We are Here' during Midsumma 2021. 

BARBA presents: Stations of the cross immersive event 

I love working with these guys. They never fail to bring their events and parties to the next level. I developed and performed a durational wax act inspired by the 11th station of the cross - 'Jesus is nailed to the cross'. These incredible images by the one and only Suzanne Phoenix capture the atmosphere perfectly.  

Bollyheels takeover at Studio J Dance

While the incredible Gerard Pigg was away touring with Matador the show, I had the pleasure of guest teaching Studio J's 8 week term of Bollyheels- Check these babes out!

Fearing Fear- Concept video by Alper Kasap

This was choreographed by myself and Mel Tan, conceptualised and created by Alper Kasap.


Mara Korper by Citizen Theatre (Theatreworks)

Working with Citizen Theatre was an absolute dream! Mara Korper easily slides into the favourites lists of shows I've performed in. This dystopian Feminist Sci-Fi with a Brechtian edge really nailed it and scored some great reviews. I played the polarising Assistant Konrad; an Iago-esque weasel, hell bent on exposing the truth. Asst. Konrad is a character furiously led by blind faith, so much so that the system they fight tooth and nail for ends up stabbing them in the back. 


Witness Performance

And finally, a bit of exciting news that coincided with the lockdown 4.0 announcement (admittedly it softened the blow)...

Almost two years ago I starred in the film 'Someone Else'- a queer short film exploring bi-phobia and issues close to my own heart. We were notified that the film was picked up by Frameline in San Francisco; the longest running queer film fest in the world!  Excited for the whole team- hoping we can have our Australian premiere soon. 

Still to come:  Our official social media launch for my film 'Twin Flame' is on its way. I cannot wait to share some visuals with you all and let people in on the world we are dreaming up. Stay tuned for this! 


This year, my partner and I took over a warehouse space, and are in the process of converting it not only into a rad creative pad for ourselves, but a self tape studio and teaching space! One of my dreams has been to create a northside space for actors and theatre community to have accessible and affordable self taping resources, a reading room for table reads and exploration, and even small rehearsals.  More on this soon! 

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