Let's forget it ever happened. 

In all seriousness, I've been surprisingly busy this year. Somehow the people in this industry always find a way to stay creative, and I'm proud to say that although many projects I've been involved in this year have been cancelled, postponed, or changed to fit an online platform, it has challenged me and spawned different approaches in the creation of new work. 

Coming up in the latter part of the year...

The Feminist Social ( IG LIVE) 16th October

More episodes of Short Distance Romance, a web series. 

Australian Burlesque Festival 'Noir Exotique'  30th October 

Several Music video projects

Ring! Ring! - To be staged January 2021 at Theatreworks (Until we are told otherwise!)

Twin Flame, a film (I am beyond excited to reveal more details about this one soon!) 

Hosting 'UnScene'- an online show about the business of Film, Tv and theatre. 

We'll be recommencing filming very soon!